Sunday, 7 February 2016

How To Take Care Of Marble Benchtops Christchurch

Marble is one of that surface that absorbs anything that it interacts with. This means any, spills, juice or acid mishaps will ruin all the beauty of your marble floor. There will color stains and the surface get dull with each “accident'.

Marble benchtops require a bit more care than any other tops. As some stains will not go away with simple wipe. It need tough and require good scrubbing. As long as you are able to restore the beauty, don't be hesitate from the extra effort you will have to make.

Marble Benchtops Christchurch

Below are some tips to care for marble benchtops.

Pick right cleaning agent:

Not all cleaners and washing soaps are fit for clearing marble tops. If you pick wrong cleaner can damage even more that what stain does. At time of purchasing cleaner read the label to ensure that it is specifically meant to clean marble benchtops Christchurch. Marble is one of the high vulnerable material. Using unsuitable products can damage your top easily. You need to look for non-abrasive cleaner. It should not have hydrogen and ammonia peroxide. And never use any dish-washing liquid that have citric acid.

Use warm water:

At time of cleaning marble benchtops you just need to dampen the scrubbing cloth or sponge in warm water. Warm water helps to lift all dirt and lightens the stains. Avoid tap water. Tap water contains chlorine. It harm marble surface. On the other hand it is safe to use warm water. It will not damage your marble benchtops and reduces your cleaning time.

Polish yourself:

If you hire professional cleaning service provider. They will make your kitchen squeaky clean, if you can afford service of professional cleaner, you can make use of turpentine oil to do the polishing job by yourself. Once you done cleaning your surface from stain and spills, dip cloth in little turpentine oil and wipe.

Clean regularly:

Before letting grim and dirt to sit and accumulate, scrub daily. When ever you spill something immediately grab cloth and wipe it off. For tougher stains you can use sprinkle caustic soda and leave it for few minutes. Then scrub it with the help of toothbrush and wipe it off with moist cleaning cloth. By doing regular cleaning you will able to maintain the luster and shine of marble benchtops over the years.


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